Holy Week & Easter 2021


PALM SUNDAY  28th March  10 am  Zoom service

Please collect a palm cross from the porch at one of Norton, Sandhurst, The Leigh, Down Hatherley or Boddington churches.



On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 5 pm each day, a ‘Thought for Holy Week’ will be posted on the Seven Towers Facebook page. This is a short time for reflection in words and music.

Maundy Thursday (1st April):  A time to worship together to remember the Last Supper with an Agape service on zoom at 7pm.

Good Friday (1st April):
A service on Zoom at 2 pm: ‘30 minutes at the Cross‘  Readings, prayers and music for Good Friday




9.00 am    Holy Communion at St Lawrence Church, Sandhurst   Please book a place if you would like to attend. Email: office@seventowers.org.uk

10.30 am   Family Worship on zoom for Easter Day


PLUS … the Children and Young People’s Team have organised 2 trails, a family ‘Eastingle’ service on Good Friday and the usual Sunday video:

Friday 2nd April at 4 pm: You’ve probably heard of a christingle that we make with the oranges and sweets but have you ever heard of an Eastingle?

To celebrate Easter this year the Seven Towers Benefice are hosting an online Eastingle event where we will hear the story of Easter in a family friendly way! There will be songs, challenges, videos and stories – and of course the creating of our food based Eastingle!
To join the Zoom session:      Meeting ID: 837 7124 9526    Passcode: 024841
We can’t wait to have you join us as we explore the true meaning of Easter!
Please bring the following items to the service to create your Eastingle!

  • a Hot cross bun
  • cocktail sticks (4 each)
  • small cube of cheese
  • fresh herb or salad leaf
  • pretzel sticks or matchmakers or kitkat  or carrot sticks (anything stick-like!)
  • a tiny amount of something edible but sticky ie. Icing sugar
  • a mini egg or very small easter egg

From 2 – 18 April, 2021: Discover how well you know the Easter story. Are you feeling active? Why not cycle/walk/drive to all the churches in the Benefice to collect each part of the story to find out everything that happened at Easter! There are activities to complete at each church.

The Easter trail tells the story of Easter at all 6 of our churches; Sandhurst, Norton, The Leigh, Down Hatherley, Staverton and Boddington.

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to travel to every church, “collecting” (taking pictures of) each part of the Easter story until you have the whole thing! At each church there will be a small scavenger hunt that links to that part of the story. To keep us safe, all scavenger hunt items are something you can find in nature so no one else should have touched it! There is also one stone with a cross on to look out for at each church. (Please do not touch the story or stone)

Please take pictures of the storyboard and stone so you can collect the whole Easter story. Don’t forget to share any pictures of you on your adventures to our facebook event at: www.bit.ly/STBEasterTrail

2 – 18 April, 2021:  We have 10 Easter bunnies that are hiding in Sandhurst, Norton and over the hill and we need your help finding them! Are you up for the challenge? There are 3 bunnies are hiding in Sandhurst, 2 bunnies hiding in Norton and 5
bunnies are hiding over the hill… Can you find all of us?
Happy searching!

Don’t forget to take a picture with each bunny and share it to our facebook event at: www.bit.ly/STBBunnyTrail