Connecting to the Kingdom

We value …
the connections we have in the different contexts and communities where we live, work and worship.

  • COMING UP SOON ….. Longford Mission Weekend 7th – 9th December
    Bishop Robert will be attending events organized jointly by Longlevens Parish, St John’s Churchdown and Seven Towers Benefice and led by curates including Simon Monk with the aim to reach out to residents in the new housing development in Longford. On Saturday there will a Christmas market at Longford Park Academy plus singing by the school choir and a community choir event, and on Sunday there will be an event in Longford Village Hall – Telling the Christmas Story with carols. Watch out for further information.
  • A group of our Parishoners are taking part in the Advent Sleepout Challenge to support homeless people. CLICK HERE
  • COMING UP SOON …... January 12th 2019: Our next special community event to act in support of Samaras Aid Appeal Click here for details.

Our vision is …
to build upon our current relationships and to love, serve and grow new ones in our communities, Diocese and world.

Firming our links with the whole Benefice community is something we can all do! So part of this value is an ongoing constant challenge for each of us to be a light in the world, to live out our Christian life through action in a way that makes other people’s lives better.

This value is likely to include many different ideas and initiatives some of which will involve not just our congregations but people from the whole Benefice community. One of our churches has begun regular film nights for the whole community; another has a regular Friday evening gathering in the church.

We want to hear from you as we continue to develop this value, but some ideas we are already exploring are:
develop links between our Benefice and another (even one in another country?!)
rotate events around the parishes
an effective and appealing social media and web presence

Whatever skills and talents you have, they will probably be useful with this value! But, to be part of growing this vision, we are especially looking for people with:
enthusiasm to demonstrate the gospel through action
a desire to make a difference in our communities and those further afield
a desire to make our churches more valued by our communities