Supporting our benefice financially

One way to have a greater heart for God is to invest in His Kingdom. Not just with our gifts, talents and time, but also financially. We are now starting to increase our giving. Average giving in the Diocese is significantly lower than many parts of the country and in our benefice giving is still lower than the Diocese. So with this in mind, and especially as we look to the future, now is a strategic time for each of us to review and reassess our financial giving. Thinking about it, and then making a pledge, has the potential to take us into some of the most exciting Christian living possible!

All of us are in different situations so what matters is not the amount that we give, but what that sum really means.

Does it really demonstrate our trust in God? Is it enough to help us confront acquisitiveness and greed in our lives? Where is it in our spending priorities? If we get the right answers to these questions, the chances are the amount will take care of itself!

So, please take this opportunity to review your giving and then to consider making a pledge.

There are a number of different ways you can donate to the Benefice or the individual churches within the Benefice. Click here to find out more. Thank you.

It is interesting to discover that market research shows that:
the average person spends £1100 on clothes and shoes per year;
the average golf club membership is £750;
the average total cost of a 3 day weekend break for two is £600;
the average spend on gardening in a year is £500