Our Churches

Our benefice is made up of a family of seven churches based in six parishes.

We have beautiful churches and active plans to make them as user friendly as possible. For example, in August 2017 Boddington Church welcomed people from across the Benefice to join them for a celebration service marking the opening of its latest improvements, including the installation of a toilet.

There are services in all our parishes every Sunday except on the second Sunday of every month when we meet together in one church for our monthly WORSHIP TOGETHER BENEFICE service. We also gather together in one of our churches when there is a fifth Sunday in any month. Coming together is good!

Messy Church meets five or six times a year.

Church music in all its variety is very important in the benefice. There is a small band that leads us in our Worship Together services. They also take part in other special services from time to time. We also haveĀ benefice choir that sings at our 5th Sunday Benefice services.. The benefice also has got involved in arts initiatives.

Our benefice has a commitment and a desire to move all our churches on together in faith. To help us do this we spent over a year working together to develop a new benefice vision which we are now starting to put into practice. We are constantly exploring ways of effectively working together across the benefice.