St Lawrence, Sandhurst                                                 


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Church postcode: GL2 9NP

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The church, which is kept open all day, is dedicated to St. Lawrence. In the earliest days it belonged to St. Oswold’s Priory in Gloucester, from which a chaplain was sent out to minister to the people. The present building is partly 14th century, but was mainly rebuilt in 1858. The belfry holds a ring of 8 bells. A team regularly ring for the main services, and also for special occasions. In 1996 a churchyard survey was carried out, when all memorials and their inscriptions were recorded, a copy of this is in the church and a map and index of names are on the back of the notice board in the car park. This was updated in 2017 and a complete index of names is kept in the church.

There is a committed and adaptable congregation with strong community links. Enthusiastic lay leaders help to run services and following installation of a kitchenette at the back of the church refreshments are served after most morning services.

What do we have planned for 2020 –

  • The restored handbells are being used regularly: if you’d like to join our group of ringers talk to a churchwarden to find out next meeting date – no experience needed
  • Regular film nights continue – showing films such as Victoria and Abdul, Edie, Fisherman’s Friends – film night 9th March The Intern. The next film night will be advertised when available.
  • St George’s Day Supper – 25th April. CANCELLED
  • working with Church Commissioners re repairs identified in last Quinquennial inspection
  • making permanent changes to rear of nave area in the church
  • Harvest Supper
  • Games Nights in Sandhurst Village Hall (February & June)

The PCC work closely with the Village Hall Committee who run a wonderful village hall right opposite the church. Find out more at: